The Virtual Drive Down Memory Lane

I have so many great memories going to town with the family or just a routine route traveled. Some days I just want to take a ride down memory lane, reminisce and see those things I haven’t seen and relive those great travel pleasures.

How it all got started: I created this project to allow my out of state friends and family to see my town, my daily routes and all the drives I take. Shortly after, the community caught on and wanted to share all my videos with their out of state family and friends. Then, a crowd of past residents started watching the videos too! The feedback (see some actual comments below) was unexpected and beyond my expectations.

More Details About driveti.me

Travel down that old road and reminisce from the comfort of home.

driveti.me is a futurist way to virtually travel that memorable childhood or popular traveled route and reminisce to your hearts content. Share with out of state friends and family – and even dedicate or request a driveti.me.

Enjoy the drive. Save the gas. Take a load off.

Traveling costs of gas, airplane tickets, hotels and similar are very expensive these days. And some days we just want to take that drive down memory lane.

Request a drive. Dedicate it to a friend or family.

driveti.me can be requested or dedicated to a family or friend.

Sometimes just taking that old ride can make the day a brighter day and take a load off.

driveti.me was created to allow anyone around the world take a drive down memory lane, see a family members hometown and more. Lift spirits and reminisce.

I want to continue this project based on the kind appreciative and generous feedback from my community.

Some recent feedback from my local community!

“I am watching all the videos. In the process I am saving myself some gas money and my skin from harmful UV rays. Almost as good as having a chauffeur. Thanks Jason!

“I enjoy looking for my car,friends or cars of friends in the videos.I also posted one for friends and family back where I use to live to look at.

“Love it! Just shared all over the place! We used to live on farm on hwy 22. My kids and nieces and nephews will love it! 

“Love being able to share our beautiful area drives with out of area friends and family! Thanks for letting us do that! They are awesome!


“Children who are far from home really enjoyed it!

Visit the project site for the latest sample driveti.me videos.

Share. Reminisce. And enjoy a memorable driveti.me.